Villa Bermuda
You can approach Poljica in two ways: North-West and South-East. Check the map of Croatia MAP
If you are taking Adriatic Magistrala and coming from North-West direction (actually, from Sibenik), you will pass Primosten, Rogoznica and Marina
About 4 km East from Marina there is a sign for Poljica
Keep driving until you see the 3-story white house with beige balconies on your left hand side, located between Magistrala and the small road that will take you to our house
Make the first right on this small road and drive until the road stops
If you pass this spot, next you will see the dilatation of Magistrala on your right hand side
You can stop there to see the top of our house across the road, with a tall palm in front of it and with the sign "Villa Bermuda"
Coming from Split (South- East), you will pass Trogir and Seget, until you see the sign Poljica again (If you hit Marina, you've gone too far). About 900 m from the Poljica sign you will see the dilatation and Bistro Kacina again, this time on your left. Pass it (or stop again to look across for the house and palm), until you see the white house and small road to make a turn on, this time on your right hand side. Once on the small road, there are no changes
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